President Hilton A. Robertson

President Hilton A. Robertson

Served: 1949 - 1953

Chinese Mission

President and Sister Hilton A. Robertson were first called as a young couple to the Japanese Mission in 1921. When the missionaries were withdrawn from Japan due to the unsettled political conditions, Elder Robertson was the Presiding Elder in the Mission.

They made a home in Springville Utah, after returning home, and in 1937 they were called to preside over the Central Pacific Mission in Hawaii. Their assignment was to proselyte the Japanese people in Hawaii.

With the outbreak of the War with Japan, President and Sister Robertson returned to Springville to continue their business and political activities. President Robertson was a Stake President, County Commissioner, and one of the few Utah County Democrats.

In 1949, they were called to open up the Chinese Mission, and in July 1949, they accompanied Elder Matthew Cowley to China (Guangzhou). Observing that the political conditions would not permit missionary work in China, they established headquarters at 345 Prince Edward Road, Kowloon City, in Hong Kong. In 1951 the Chinese Mission was transferred to Hawaii, and later to San Francisco, California.

When the Mission was suspended in 1953, President and Sister Robertson were called to preside over the Japanese Mission in Tokyo, Japan. They served there during the Korean War and were a great spiritual influence among the many LDS Servicemen that were in that area. They were released in 1956, and returned to Provo, Utah. They were truly missionary pioneers. When the call came to them, they were ready to answer the call. All missionaries who have served in the Hong Kong Mission should look to their pioneer example.

( Submitted by H. Grant Heaton)

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